My aim with these Blogs is to pass on simple, easy, tips and hints for improved well-being.  I avoid suggesting anything unpleasant or prohibitively expensive as I prefer the bang-for your-buck  interventions;  the ones that under-promise and over-deliver!

Good Health shouldn’t  have to be an expensive or elusive quest.  I don’t post too often either as excessive advice is just as annoying as not having enough information; there are only so many hours in a day to get everything done

“Diabetes is the opposite of good!

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This month’s blog is on living a healthy life whilst managing diabetes.

The following  link to ABC Online will take you a short interview with Dr. Troy Stapleton, a radiologist from Sydney;-

Troy developed Type 1 diabetes in his early 40’s; much to his surprise as he is very fit and well.

In any case, being a doctor, he dutifully followed the medical guidelines he was given by fellow doctors.

But he soon realized the “expert” information he was being asked to follow was both scientifically irrational and worsened his condition. So he did his own homework and took a better path – cut out the carbs rather than the fats.

Whether wrestling with a diabetic condition, or needing to lose weight for cardiovascular health, the standard advice is to cut out fats. This is unfortunate because science has known for years that it’s the carbs that push up weight gain; in trials it’s been shown that if you let mice eat as much fat as they want that don’t overeat or get obese. However if you let them have unrestricted access to carbs you end up with cute, cuddly, chubby mice!!

 So, if any of this applies to yourself or a loved one, this is crucially important listening.


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“It is universally agreed that exercise is a good thing for both body, and  mind.

But, to apply the old adage, too much of anything is good for nothing;  and this applies to fitness training.

I see many very keen and highly motivated folks who beat the stuffing out of themselves in the quest for improved sporting performance.

Unfortunately there are many adverse consequences of over-training; from repetitive strain injuries to suppressed immune system function.

So one ends up carrying injuries that don’t ever quite get right, along with recurrent ‘flu’s, fatigue conditions,  etc.

This is all very counter-productive to the goals of either overall wellness or improved performance.

Well, on top of these well-known side effects  of over-training, we can now add Atrial Fibrillation!  And AF is a beauty!

It means that one of the chambers of your heart starts to twitch in a random, uncoordinated manner; a bit like an epileptic episode but in the heart.

This can result in the generation of blood clots; these head straight for your brain and a stroke ensues.

And AF generated strokes have a quite a low survival rate one year out.

I’m pitching this at the triathalon/iron man fraternity especially;  these notoriously demanding events (not called ‘iron man’ for naught!) have a propensity for inducing over-training.

This is especially so in those of us who also have a day job, family, etc. and thus probably won’t have the rest and recovery time of a professional athlete.

So…..though some is good, more is not necessarily better!”

Further reading:

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7 Health Benefits of Chocolate

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So we all know that chocolate comes from cocoa beans  (the seeds of the Theobroma cacao tree) but what you may not realise is that these beans of goodness are high in flavanols.

These abundant phenolic plant compounds have marked antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and are thought to be responsible for much of the health benefit ascribed to chocolate consumption.

Discover the’ 7 Health Benefits of Chocolate’  (yes 7! )  here;

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Who knew….Coffee’s good for you!

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Came across these two interesting articles recently published on Medscape regarding the positive impact of coffee drinking on type 2 diabetes and liver health; enjoy!

Can Coffee Treat Liver Disease? 

Upping Coffee Consumption Protects Against Type 2 Diabetes.


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Welcome to our new site, we hope you find it useful and informative!

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